Where did you move?

Retail Store & Walk-In Grooming Services: 47 India St. in Portland (Corner of India & Middle St.)

Full-Service Grooming Appointments: 121 Hutchins Dr. in Portland (Roscoe’s Bed + Bark building)


What about walk-in grooming services?

We are are offering walk-in grooming services (nails, ears, teeth, and anal glands) at 47 India St. on Tuesdays 10am - 1pm and Fridays from 11AM – 4PM.


What about full-service grooming and my scheduled grooming appointments?

All scheduled groom appointments will be at 121 Hutchins Dr. (Roscoe’s Bed + Bark)


Is there parking?

Retail Store: There is street parking at 47 India. If you have difficulty parking or would like to expedite your visit, please feel free to call us and we’d be happy to arrange curb side service.

Groom: There is plenty of parking in lot.


How can I reach the new store location or my groomer?

Retail Store: 207-835-0688

Groom: New mobile number: 207-881-7912


Will the check-in procedures be the same for grooming appointments at the new location?

No. Please visit the Groom tab for a full list of instructions regarding our procedures for appointments at 121 Hutchins Dr. (Roscoe’s Bed + Bark)

You will receive your normal reminder call about your upcoming appointment and we will remind you of our location, phone number, and check-in procedures.